Thursday, 8 September 2011

NEW MUSIC from @WhosNate - Slondon - CHECK IT OUT HERE

Flicking my emails and I stumble across a lovely piece of music sent to me by a very good old friend.
I've honestly known him since I was about 5. primary school of course good times lol
He's come along way since the playground, performing at some of the most recognisable urban events in London such as G Shock East Sessions, Turn off the radio, YoYo's and also featuring on the well known uk youth media site SBTV.

Fresh off supporting American breakthrough act Mac Miller on his Birmingham date, ItsNate has released “Slondon,” the intro to his debut mixtape NeverAskTakeEverything.

Slondon by ItsNate

His debut mixtape NeverAskTakeEverything is due out for 30/09/11
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