Thursday, 11 August 2011

CEO of @BiggaFish Nii Sackey speaks with SKY NEWS about the #LondonRiots - A MUST WATCH

SKY NEWS speaks with CEO and someone I definitely look up to Nii Sackey of Bigga - a not for profit youth organisation, established in 1999 it is dedicated to the education of 13-21 year olds through music and its related industries.

They discuss the London Riots and Nii speaks for the youth of London.
I truely believe that Nii has a understanding and empathises with the young people and I'm glad at least a few people got to here his views aired.

Bigga Fish is probably one of the main platforms alongside BANG 103.6FM, where I started my creative career and I definitely urge more young people to get involved with organisations such as this.


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