Wednesday, 21 September 2011

@JColeNC DEBUT ALBUM IS LEAKED BUT "NOBODY'S PERFECT. Check out the brand new track featuring @MissyElliott

OHHHH NOOOOO!!! They leaked J.Cole's album.
You know what I'm gonna buy it regardless... well I'll try to haha.

When asked how he felt about his debut album being leaked a week earlier he replied

“There’s been worse leaks than that so I understand it’s a part of the game, I always understood that. As long as people hear it together, it’s cool. It’s kind of like promotion these days—if you got a good album. If you don’t have a good album—they’ll just trash you.”

But this is definitely a banger! And I'm cheekily glad to hear it a little prematurely. Hooking up with MISSY ELLIOT OMG GENIUS!
The Hip hop world has definitely missed her and her voice is perfect for this track!

Look out for September 27th for the OFFICIAL release of "Cole World - A sideline story".


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