Wednesday, 20 October 2010


This week has been MOBO week. As we speak the MOBO AWARDS 2010 is on....

But Remel London got some of that pre-MOBO fun by attending the London LEG of the 6 day MOBO TOUR.

This event was hosted by the love Lynnike & Sefa the next BIG DOUBLE ACT TRUSSSSS MEEE!!! And also the stars of the must attend event Rendez-vous with Lynnike & Sefa which I know you will all be attending on Thursday 28th October... RIGHT???

Here are a few of my best bits of the night in my video blog!

How could I forgot to mention the NIGHT FEVER DON of London AGGRO SANTOS....
I'm sorry but he has definately been studying the Swag of John Travolta compared to his " I've got a free yaaaard maaaannn" days lol but hey he got the crowd hypppped!!! Gotta rate him for that.

But seriously a man with real swag THE LEADER OF TEAM UK right now SKEPTA is someone I'm definately rating. Apparently his attitude and ego backstage was real stank from my Remel London gossip crew, but REALLY who get's calls from Diddy.... YEAH THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT so I'll allow him!

To Round of the evening nicely I had a real Groupie moment as you can see with Scorcher.
It's nice to speak to a guy that's not diving into his own Arse!

All in all I enjoyed my MOBO moment! Truss sooon and very soon you might see me blessing the stage aswell!

For more info on the MOBO awards 2010 go to

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