Sunday, 31 October 2010


So Last night I attended the BEFFTA awards... I was so unimpressed.

It was almost surreal. Some of the people that attended were just weird... especially the Catwalk Choreographer dressed in full Drag... RuPaul's biggest competition his leg were on point lol

And all the people that won were somehow apart of the organisation it seems... "Figures"!

I went there to help out but ended up removing my BEFFTA PRESS badge and pulling up a chair and trying to watch the Trainwreck with my Streamline Empire crew awaiting our award... ( WHICH WE DIDN'T EVEN HEAR, I THINK BY THEN THEY HAD CUT THE SOUND EQUIPMENT) lololol

Any other questions about the BEFFTA just ask, comment and share this link.

BEFFTA 2010 pffft Congratulations to them but tut tut tut next time I might get involved a little sooner to help them!

Shout out to the VILA clothing I was given to attend the awards. Shout out t Charlotte at BEST SELLER xx


  1. Remel,
    Girl I could have told you this having attended last year & this years supposed Nominations lauch which was ad absolute farce.
    Last year they didn't have winners details they had 50+ catergories of Awards being handed out on the night you had to be there to believe it.

    How can you take any awards seriously when some of the people nominated & we're being asked to vote on works' we've/I never seen. Plus its always a bad sign when you've categories with 5 nominees & others with up to 10.

    I have a feeling that its really a Money making execerise as voting is done by a telephone line & seems to me if you turn up you'll win something.

    However, I guess you must be happy though in that Bang won on the night (Though if I were Management I wouldn't shouting about as a friend said its only a Facebook Awards).

    So did you stay till the end and as you won't be going again how would you go about improving the event.

  2. Yes I am very happy that BANG won 3 awards, the funny thing is I didn't even hear about it until the day after as I did not hear the announcement... I wonder why?

    I really respect the organiser for trying to make this event happen, but from what I could see backstage, the team is not strong enough and that is the foundation of an event I personally believe, it's not about how much you spend or how many people attend but the time management you put into preparing the event.

    But I'm not saying I won't ever return... like I said I would love to see what happens next year and I do wish them the best and hope they learn from it!