Monday, 11 October 2010

My Marvell adventures!!! Not the comic book, the boys!

On October 7th Remel London and the Youth Channel Team were asked to film exclusively behind the scenes at the MARVELL BOYS " WE KNOW" single release launch party.

It was a very interesting event which included a showcase from all artists signed to Risky Roads, where I was happy to see my homie A.L perform beautifully.

We entered "The Machine" which was the performance space. With a glass floor where the artists before beneath us and eventually in front of us. Very different. I was a bit upset at first that I couldn't see a DAMN thing even though we was VIP but hey no diva strops here! lol

On the night I interviewed the man behind Risky Roads, we discussed some of the up and coming artists on his label, the cross over from video production to artist management and general Risky Road business.

Saw some real odd acrobatics throughout the night....
A guy also juggling pins, (you know the bowling pins type things *shrugs*) and Knives...
And also some lovely ladies in top hats and tails serving us drinks.

I bagged an interview with the wonderful Meleka. As you can tell I've been following her recently I love her work and I also love her personality. I would say this was probably one of my BEST INTERVIEWS to date! Look out for the jokes with Meleka coming soon form YOUTHCHANNELTV.

To round off the night nicely I had to get an interview with MARVELL!!!
These boys were so much fun and we got an exclusive for YOUTH CHANNEL TV. Our very own 3 way Freestyle! I absolutely loved it!!!

Make sure you download the new single "WE KNOW" out from 10/10/10!!!


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